Monday, May 4, 2009

Science Consultant? [CHECK] yes please!!!

So people ask me (especially when I'm home in Ohio) what I want to do with my life once I'm done with graduate school. I always give the same type of response "Well...Idk, not teach right away" and then go onto say something about industry and possibly the government, but I had an epiphany today:
I want to be a Science Consultant for television/film
(How one goes about doing this, I have not a clue...but I am willing to learn)

Now you might ask yourself, how is she qualified? And I would have to say that, maybe I'm not quite qualified yet, but I could give a pointer or two:

Case in point my newest addiction: Fringe (Fox, Tuesdays @ 9 pm)

For any non-chemistry people out there (my mom), this is a rotary evaporator, but this is not how you use it.  (See this is where I could help).

Google tells me the science consultants are Rob Chiapetta and Glen Whitman and let me tell these two do a fine job, but if anyone knows how to contact them comment away (below). I am close to Boston (where I believe filming takes place) and would be so excited I'd probably pee my pants (which probably won't go over too well)


  1. You know your mom will say "you can do anything you want if you apply yourself to it"...maybe you could consult for CSI or NCIS!!! That would be so cool (consulting, not peeing your pants!)!

  2. Much better than a pole dancer or a glassblower!!!

  3. Hey! I didn't know you had a blog - you should have told me! Just ran across it from my geeky stats program that tells me where people click to my blog from.

    Sounds like a really fun job! Although I must say, your job would only be appreciated by other Chem people like yourself. Us peons would never realize if they were wrongfully using a rotary evaporator. :)

    But my Dad is a big car geek and he's always pointing out inconsistencies in movies and writing off a whole movie because "That motorcycle had a whatsa-doos-it on it and those didn't get put on that brand until thirty years later!!!".

  4. that would be so AWESOME. you need to find J.J. Abrams. Start out as his personal assistant. then you begin to make comments about cool science things he could use on his shows. then he realizes that instead of being Ms. L.J.A. you are actually the genius DR. L.J.A. and then he hires you and you serve as his personal science consultant for any show he works on.