Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not a LOST post, I promise...kinda...

Well Well Well,

Thursday = Group meeting!
Up to bat today were: Newbie TB and 3rd year McB.
TB did a lit. talk on Asymmetric hydrogenation of cyclic enamines (JACS, 2009, 131, 1366-1367) and McB talked about his research, which involves putting a solar farm over Nevada...seriously...ok, well maybe not seriously.

The week is winding down! And what does that mean in my neck of the woods? 
Not a whole lot actually. Saturdays have become workdays, not full out workdays, but still spending the greater part of Saturday in the lovely lab. Sunday on the other hand is my lazy day. (Grant it, I do have lazy days quite often, but on Sundays sometimes its a miracle if I get dressed). 

What's on my to-do list for this weekend that is not Chemistry related?
  • Go raincoat shopping with B
  • See Kris on Sunday 
  • NOT see He's Just Not That Into You (Because K8 is in Philly and WILL NOT allow me to see it without her!)
  • Out to dinner with B probably

...but...I really should be productive in lab this weekend, I'll fill you in on how that actually goes!

What? No T.V. to talk about? Oh yes ladies and gentlemen (which I should actually put lady and gentleman, b/c let's face it only 2 people are probably even reading this) I have been watching my shows this week! AI is into full swing with Hollywood week, Gossip Girl was an eh-ok episode, and 90210 was FAB. (Privileged was pretty good as well).....
My absolute favorite this week would have to of course be LOST. 
*Spoiler Alert*
Jin isn't dead!!!!! he survived, I have no idea, but my heart melted like butter when young Danielle found him, oh leaping lizards the world is at peace once again.
AND! I knew it, I knew it! Miles was on the island before!...which corroborates my theory that he was the baby in the flashback!
Oh and I totally thought Charlotte was D-E-A-D....soon enough! The sickness is going to get her...

So, one of my 2 readers admit ed that he stopped reading the posts when they started talking about LOST, because he doesn't watch it. So from now on IF I say anything about LOST then I will make sure to save it to the end so as not to lose any readership. :)

Have a great Thursday night! 
(filled with The Office, Grey's and PP [oh and its a crossover episode tonight!])

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

8 weeks until qualifying Exams!

Ok, so 8 weeks is a long time, right? .....well, I hope so at least! I have exactly 8 weeks left until qualifying exams? What are qualifying exams you might ask? Well, here they are broken into 2 parts (both given on the same day back-to-back): A thesis and an antithesis. The 1st is your research and the 2nd is an original research idea. 
Doesn't sound too bad right?
Let's hope not. (I'll keep you informed as I get closer and closer to the edge of the building..Ok, I kid..but honestly)

Anyways, onto a less dramatic and way more awesome subject...SUPERBOWL commercials! I have to say that the '09 pick wasn't so bad! My favorite though was definitely the Mr. Potato Head commercial (followed by Conan and the Doritos crystal ball). Check them out at nbc or hulu

Random fact of the day. You know, its January, and by all accounts winter is depressing, but honestly, did it really have to be called: Season Affective Disorder aka SAD? I think what is worse is that the National Organization for Seasonal Affective Disorder is NOSAD.

I now have to admit that I did one of those "25 random things" notes on facebook, you know the ones...everybody is doing it (doesn't that sound like one of those lines they teach you in D.A.R.E. in 5th grade...I do believe that would be the "bandwagon" approach). Anywho, it was hard coming up with 25 things, but in the end, I was very satisfied with my list and realized how much of a weirdo other people must think I am.

All for now.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us!

So...I might have to admit that though I am attending a Superbowl party, I have NOT watched a single game this season. 
(The first step is admitting you have a problem, haha)
I do however know who is playing and a couple of the major players...besides that though, I'm really in it to watch the COMMERICIALS!!!

There was a thing on CBS last night that did a supposed 'countdown' of the best superbowl commercials of all time. My favorite did make the list along a couple other good ones, but honestly, in the top three were 2 commercials from last year (The tide talking stain one and the Budweiser one with the Clydesdale and the Dalmatian which I do love).
Anyways, the Mean Joe Green commercial is probably still the BEST of all time, but my favorite will always and forever be the cat herding commercial.  I don't know what it is about it, I think my fav. part is when they are climbing out of the water...oh cat herding, how I love thee. 

One other major revelation I have to admit....last night...I had my 1st ever Big Mac. That's right folks, in my mid 20's (ooh, scary mid-twenties) I have never had two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun....and the verdict? Meh, I'll take Chicken McNuggets any day. It was good, don't get me wrong, just nothing I would crave, but it is something I get to check off my list!

Have a great Sunday!