Friday, November 13, 2009


We all know it has been exactly forever since my last blog post. Really, I have no excuse.
My last post was on "The Proposal", it is now available on DVD. Yeah, that really sucks.
Because I have been so bad at blogging, I've decided to take you on a pictoral journey of the last 4-ish months.
(and please keep arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times!)

Ash and Lauren bought a beautiful house in Ohio!

I was honored to be a bridesmaid in my friend Jenny's wedding (my 6th time!)

I was on our school's chemistry softball tournament team. We lost every game....and so we decided to play the other losers in a friendly beer game (hence above picture). It was by far the best game of the day. Best of all though, my roomie from undergrad JV came and played for us too!

I ran my first ever race! 4 miles in central park! I had a time of 44 minutes, which is slow as hell, but it was still a lot of fun, sweaty, but fun!

I went to Las Vegas! (I have tons more pics of this trip!)

I taught myself how to frenchbraid! (Ignore my eye in this picture, it was hard to take this on my phone!)

There were quite a few happy hours. (I was particularly proud to be sporting OSU apparel to represent my home state in the bottom one!)

We went bowling! Its kind of expensive here, and I didn't technically bowl, but it was still a lot of fun!

Sheena came to visit me...and her brother and parents, but still! (Bad/blurry pic!)

Leonard got a new carrier!

I joined the chemistry dept.'s soccer team. Again, we lost every game and again it was fun. I even scored a goal! One of two for us for the season.... (ps, I am wearing shorts in this picture!)

Since chemistry is in the title of this blog, and it's what I spend most of my time doing, there had to be a some kind of chemistry shot!