Thursday, January 29, 2009

Group Meeting Thursday!

Well it's Thursday and in my neck of the woods that means...(drum roll please)... GROUP MEETING! 
(If you guessed, Grey's Anatomy, CSI, or The Office then you get an honorable mention).

N-dizzle and J$ were the presenters today and it was a great way to start of the semester! Oxidative Mannich from Chem Comm....not a shabby idea (Chem. Comm. ASAP 2009, I forget the author at the moment...)

Besides GM the rest of the day wasn't too exciting: 
  • The ice is melting and the walk to work was def. less hazardous than yesterday (Oh yes, I totally wiped out and k8 was there to witness). 
  • I set up 2 reactions
  • I tried to figure out my 'green substance' from yesterday with no success
  • Danced to pop music, most notably Beyonce's "Single Ladies", BritBrit's "Womanizer", and some Kanye West ("Heartless" AND "Love Lockdown")

Yeah, my life is pretty much the most exciting EVER. 
(I think the # of times k8 laughed at me today was down from yesterday although my dancing is always something that adds to the tally)

No new Grey's, or Office tonight and so I do not have to choose between them...PP and AI are the only shows I'll be watching today

Ooh Ooh Ooh...*New LOST Theory* (Ok, it was by somebody at lostpedia ( Ok, so remember Ellie (the girl watching Faraday with Jughead?) there is a pretty sweet theory that suggests she is actually Ms. Hawking AND AND AND...what if she and Charles Widmore were actually Faraday's PARENTS???? That's right that would mean that Penny and Daniel are halfsies...think about it...could be??!!!???

Ok, so I'm thinking there needs to be some kind of theme days (Remember spirit week from the days at Sweet Valley High???? ...or whatever High School you might have attended). I'm thinking something to the effect of 'Talent Tuesday'  or something, I don't know, it's just a baby idea at the moment...but perhaps it could develop into something...


Ok, all for now...Goodnight and Good luck....ok, so maybe there will be another post tonight, but signing off for now :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

See you in another life brotha

Oh LOST you never let me down (Ok, maybe you did with the whole Nikki and Paulo storyline...)

I heart Desmond!

Wow Wow Wow

Charles Widmore is an "other"?!? Soooo many questions!  When did he arrive on the island and more importantly WHEN and HOW did he get off???

I so believe that Ms. Hawking is Daniel Faraday's mom...Oh but so much more!

And who was the 'other' girl that he recognized with the H bomb?
...and the girl that was in 'a coma' of some sort in England? What is that all about? 
I totally think the 'sickness' got Charlotte (plus I heard that she was leaving the show anyways!)

So many questions and not enough answers...not quite yet anyways 

(Oh and the compass too!!!)

Cannot wait for next week!


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So...I decided to start a blog.
Why you ask?
Well...I do read quite a few and decided that it could be fun...therefore OMG It's Chemistry has been created!
I enjoy...chemistry (duh), TV, Movies...and life in general and so those will be the topics!

...more goodness to come...